12 Healthy Human Foods for Dogs

healthy human foods for dogs, eggs, can dogs eat eggsWe all know the hypnotic pull of those puppy dog eyes when we’re sitting at the dinner table (no matter how many times we say, “no begging!”). But before you slide those leftovers onto the floor, think about what you’re feeding your dog and how it’s affecting them. Many human foods are safe for dogs to chow down, but it’s important to know which ones. Here are twelve perfectly healthy human foods for dogs.

1. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a perfect treat for your pup. It’s full of vitamins, fats, and protein, and is a must-have in most dog owner’s homes. Just watch out for sugar substitutes that can be deadly for dogs. Obtain an all-natural, no-sugar-added peanut butter instead.

2. Chicken

Chicken is a fantastic source of protein and is a perfectly suitable snack. Whether you prefer to serve it raw or cooked, that’s up to you. Just make sure to only give your dog raw chicken bones and not cooked ones, which can splinter and cause harm to your pet.

3. Cheese

Very tasty for us humans and very tasty for dogs as well! If your dog is not lactose intolerant (very few are), then feel free to feed them a small portion of cheese, full of proteins and calcium.

4. Carrots

High in fiber and vitamin A, carrots are a great choice for doggy diets. They are low in calories and also help with keeping your dog’s teeth in order. There’s a reason that you’ll see them as an ingredient in most kibble!

5. Yogurt

Yogurt is healthy for our stomachs and full of probiotic benefits. And the same goes for our furry friends! Choose an all-natural option with no flavors or sweeteners (especially xylitol, which is toxic for dogs). Yogurt is a great addition to stir into your dog’s meal at dinnertime.

6. Pumpkin

If your dog is constipated or experiencing diarrhea, you might have already been told to try feeding them pumpkin. This squash is full of fiber and vitamin A and helps with digestive and GI health. Just remember that it’s not a solution for long-term issues, so see a vet if problems persist.

7. Eggs

Raw or cooked, eggs are a great source of protein, energy, and vitamins supporting fur growth and health. As an added benefit, keep the shells and crush them up for some extra calcium in their diet.

8. Green Beans

Filled with fiber and low in calories, green beans help to shed those extra puppy pounds. They’re also very nutritious, loaded with iron and vitamins. Make sure to only feed your dog raw green beans or canned ones with no salt added.

9. Salmon

Want your dog to have a healthier, shinier coat? Cook them up a fresh slice of salmon to give them the oils they deserve! The omega 3 fatty acids will have your pup looking like they just walked right off the stage of a dog show.

10. Sweet Potatoes

Looking for something healthy and sweet? Similar to pumpkins, sweet potatoes are high in dietary fiber and vitamin A – as well as vitamin B6, vitamin C, and manganese. They’re easily digestible and can be served baked, boiled, or steamed.

11. Apples

This easy and sweet treat requires no cooking and barely any preparation (although they should be cut to remove the seeds, which contain cyanide and are choking hazards). Apples contain vitamins A and C and can help freshen breath for more puppy kisses.

12. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is packed with vitamins and is a good source of fiber, making it ideal for dogs with bowel irregularity issues. Make sure to cook before service and not to add any sugar or flavoring. Oatmeal is also safe for dogs with wheat allergies.

Watching your dog’s diet will help encourage a long lasting, healthy life for your best and most loyal friend. Even when serving healthy human foods for dogs, practice moderation and consider it a treat. Consult your vet before making any major nutritional changes and to address any dietary restrictions or concerns.

If your dog experiences any adverse reactions when introduced to a new food, consult a vet as soon as possible.


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    Is it safe to feed our dogs a mixture of these foods daily (always protein in it} with some vegetables,and fruit listed instead of kibble dog food?

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