12 Healthy Human Foods for Dogs

We all know the hypnotic pull of those puppy dog eyes when we’re sitting at the dinner table (no matter how many times we say, “no begging!”). But before you slide those leftovers onto the floor, think about what you’re feeding your dog and how it’s affecting them. Many human foods are safe for dogs to chow down, but it’s important to know which ones. Here are twelve perfectly healthy human foods for dogs.

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#AdoptDontShop: 7 Reasons to Adopt a Rescue Dog from Your Local Shelter

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The “Adopt, Don’t Shop” movement is all about saving lives and advocating for animal rights and welfare. If you’re considering getting a new pup for your family, we recommend adopting instead of shopping in a pet store or online. Choosing to support your local shelters and rescues not only helps your community, but it’s also a major benefit to you! Here are seven reasons why you should adopt a rescue dog from your local shelter.

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