Custom Horse Bracing

What you can expect

Horse bracing can be an effective alternative to a typical cast. While not applicable in every situation, bracing is worth looking into before deciding on a cast.

If this is the direction you decide to move in, here’s what you can expect. The veterinarian office will take a negative mold of your horse’s leg to produce an exact replica. Modifications are made to the mold to perfect it, and then a fiberglass cast is taken of the leg. This cast is sent off to us for the creation of the brace. This process enables us to make sure the brace is exactly what your horse needs.



There are many advantages to choosing a custom brace for your horse. Granted, there are some off-the-shelf products you could choose from. However, in many cases, a custom brace is the best choice for you and your horse.

There are even more advantages to a custom brace than a standard fiberglass cast. Not only is the upfront cost lower, but the additional costs also end up lower, as well. Because of the custom fit, it eliminates repeated recasting. It also creates easier upkeep. The total contact fit makes for easy wound and skin monitoring for your horse and easy cleaning for the brace.

Additionally, simple modifications for pressure relief mean that your horse will be more comfortable.

The durability, cost-effectiveness, and easier upkeep of a custom horse brace make it well worth considering. If a fiberglass cast is not absolutely necessary, the advantages of a horse brace far outweigh those of a cast.