The Benefits of Prosthetics and Braces for Dogs

two dogs in hammock

We treasure our pets and, as responsible and compassionate pet owners, we will do anything we can to allow them to continue living life to the fullest. In the face of accidents, old age, genetics, or even birth defects, there are opportunities available to manage our dog’s discomfort or pain. Animal prosthetic and orthotic solutions can elevate the quality of life for people and their bets. Here are five major benefits of prosthetics and braces for dogs.

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How to Decide on a Prosthetic Limb for Your Pet

Deciding whether your pet should get a prosthetic limb takes patience, preparation, and proper research. The process for creating prosthetics is a long journey, from the consultation all the way through to recovery and it’s important to evaluate all of your options before diving in. It’s a tag-team operation with the prosthetist, the pet, and, of course, the pet’s owner! Here are three important items to consider when consulting to receive a new prosthetic limb for your pet.

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