The Benefits of Prosthetics and Braces for Dogs

We treasure our pets and, as responsible and compassionate pet owners, we will do anything we can to allow them to continue living life to the fullest. In the face of accidents, old age, genetics, or even birth defects, there are opportunities available to manage our dog’s discomfort or pain. Animal prosthetic and orthotic solutions can elevate the quality of life for people and their pets. Here are five major benefits of prosthetics and braces for dogs.

1. Alternative to Surgery

Surgeries are painful, invasive, and can require large amounts of recovery time. As much as we love our family pup, surgery can sometimes just be out of reach. Dog braces offer the perfect solution and can help to avoid or prevent both minor and major surgeries. If surgery is absolutely unavoidable, braces can also be used post-op to assist with faster healing and prevent re-injury.

2. Cost Effective

Being able to avoid expensive surgeries, more severe injuries, and alternative treatments makes prosthetics and braces a long-term, cost-effective decision. By ignoring mobility issues or discomfort that your dog is having now, you could be setting them up for a pricier and more involved injury later. Take the initiative and save yourself the grief and cost in the long run!

3. Durable & Customized Fit

When you invest in a top-of-the-line licensed prosthetist or orthotist, you know that you’re getting high quality materials and technologies to withstand all that a dog can throw at them. Even better, they can work together with you and your vet to ensure that the new brace or prosthetic meets all of their functional and therapeutic needs.

4. Provides Support & Increased Mobility

Dogs with missing limbs, arthritis, joint deviations, or other injuries or discomfort can have increased issues with getting around. It can make simple acts such as walking or jumping onto the couch feel impossible. Prosthetics and braces minimize discomfort, provide support and stability, increase mobility, and prevent further stress.

5. Promotes a Happy & Healthy Life

Providing your dog with their unique prosthetic or orthotic solution is about more than just healing and mobility – it’s about giving your pup the quality of life they deserve. With a brace or prosthetic, your dog can live a happy and healthy lifestyle with all of the running, jumping, and playing they want. Injuries or issues can have a mental effect on dogs and this helps to create a natural, normal sense of life.

Dogs are more than just pets; they’re part of the family and deserve the absolute best care that we can offer. At Petsthetics, our passion and priority is providing your pet, friend, and loyal family member with the happiness and quality of life they deserve. Our Board Certified and State Licensed Prosthetics have over 20 years of combined experience and knowledge. Let us help you see all of the benefits of prosthetics and braces for dogs that we can offer.

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