5 Ways to Spoil Your Dog with Comfort

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Have you ever had someone tell you that your dog gets treated better than most people? Then you must be a dog lover! As pet owners, it’s important that our pets are living lives that are filled with love and happiness. Providing comfort is a great way to spoil your furry friend. After all, happy dog, happy life, right? Here are five ways to spoil your dog with comfort.

1. Give Them a Place to Burrow

Dogs are “denning” animals and many breeds like to burrow. To help fulfill that canine instinct, get a blanket that specifically belongs to your dog and keep it at their bed (or on the couch for the extra spoiled dog!) There are even burrowing beds available for purchase that already have a blanket made into the bed.

2. Secure Them with a Harness

Some dogs like to tug and pull when you take them for a walk. If yours does that, having a collar around their neck can be straining – especially if you’re trying to keep them away from that squirrel! A harness is a safer alternative because it’s escape proof, offers more control, and you won’t feel like you are choking your dog every time they tug.

3. Ease Them with an Anxiety Jacket

A lot of dogs suffer from separation anxiety, are fearful when they travel, or tremble when it storms. An anxiety jacket offers comfort for your pet. The pressure from the jacket holding them helps to calm the dog during those times when they are usually nervous. You are their comfort but, when you can’t be around, this jacket can help.

4. Groom Them Regularly

Proper hygiene and care for a pet are not only essential to their health, but also their comfort. Long nails make walking uncomfortable and painful when they scratch. Dirty ears are itchy. Long hair blocks vision. The list can go on! The more you groom, the more the dog gets used to it as a routine and this brings comfort all around!

5. Love on Them

Love is the best way to offer comfort to your dog. Petting them and giving belly and ear rubs are all a dog’s dream. They love you unconditionally and, if you are reading this article, you feel the same about your pet. Always remember the quote: “Your dog is part of your world but, for them, you are their whole world.”

Our pets provide us with love and support, so should we do the same for them? Some occasional (or frequent…) spoiling is good for your dog to show them how much you care for and appreciate them! So go ahead – spoil your pet. We won’t judge.


  1. Shari on January 8, 2024 at 6:57 pm

    Pete has kept my 13.5 year old chocolate lab “Marley” in motion for the past 6 years! He personally designed a brace that we have used for years with just replacing the Velcro straps! Thankgod for Marley! She looks forward to me applying the brace when needed! Love this company for enhancing Marleys life with out surgical intervention!!!!

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